I am the Founder and Janitor of Jawbone Puppet Theater, and an active member of the Junktown Duende collective.


I make things and performances.


I make some things by myself in my studio, and some things that involve organizing loads of people in public settings.


Some of the things I like to make are iconoclastic puppet shows, performances of all kinds, parades, large scale community pageants, clown stuff, comic books, sculptures, murals, drawings, paintings, puppets, masks, giant puppets, giant masks, and large-scale installations made out of assorted found oddities and various junk.


I like to make things out of trash, and a lot of my work involves transforming the detritus of society into beautiful things. Some of my favorite materials are cardboard, brown paper supermarket bags, broken bicycle inner tubes, foam from discarded couches, scraps of fabric, bits of wood, bamboo, old furniture, rusty old tools, bicycle parts, bones & skulls, and weird creepy dolls.


Take a look at some of these pictures of my work. Let me know how you like it!

Currently in development: 


(Look out for this in 2019!)


The Complete Gentleman—Drawing inspiration from scenes and characters from the 1952 Nigerian novel, The Palm Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola. Our story is a sci-fi odyssey. The set, props, and many of the puppets will be made out of our favorite found objects and various junk—bicycle parts, broken instruments, outmoded kitchen appliances, bones, and doll parts, cobbled together to create a rich, immersive sci-fi atmosphere.


In this sci-fi garbage world, a young woman, infatuated with a beautiful complete gentleman, follows him into a post apocalyptic wasteland, where he proceeds to return all his rented body parts to the curious creatures living there. When he finally peels off his face, we see he was just a skull all along. Our quirky father/son puppet team utilize loads of puppetry, including masks, flats, and cantastoria, to create a dynamic, ever changing world, and tell a tale of collective loss of innocence, as humans attempt to navigate their rapidly changing world.


We are very excited and lucky to be collaborating with electronic duo, Trabajo. Yuchen Lin and TJ Richards will be composing an elaborate soundscape, which, performed live, is integral to the show. Their sound explores traditional and popular regional music from across the globe, refracting each style thru an experimental framework of samples, loops, and avant noise-scapes. From lush ambient drones to bursts of high energy postpunk, Trabajo is a constant diversity of sonic investigation and stylistic celebration. They create music which challenges the listener in the way that visual art can challenge a viewer.